GIJON (urban symphony) (2014)


To think the city as a cinematographical space opened to our gaze. To use cinema as a key for arranging the spaces that configure the city, and open its palimpsest of layers of meaning. To consider the city abstractly as every city, each street as every street, each building as every building that exist.

And then, find the unique. Study the inhabitants of the city, their rhythms, their meeting places. Walk adrift, go over the labyrinth of unknown routes, its detours, its anchor points. And at the end, rebuild the gaze proposing our own device, one that positions itself towards the main film genre devoted to explore the city: the urban symphony.



Gijón in the eyes of Guillermo G. Peydró. Interview by Laura Cano for LABoral Art Center. 24-2-14 [English version]

Pieces TV show (TPA, TV Asturias) 6-3-14

Mi película pondrá en conflicto las intuiciones previas sobre Gijón y lo visto”, Journal La Nueva España, Gijón, 11-3-14

"Guillermo Peydró, premio Universo vídeo, concedido por Laboral y el FICX", Journal El Comercio, 23-11-13

"Urban symphony for Gijón", Journal El Comercio, 26-11-14


A film by Guillermo G. Peydró

Camera, montage, voice: Guillermo G. Peydró

After a text by: Georges Perec

Production: Plataforma 0. Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial / Gijón International Film Festival

Shot at Gijón

Year 2014