A film by Guillermo G. Peydró

After a sculpture project by Jeanne de Petriconi

Music: Samuel Andreyev

Shot at Madrid

French subtitled in English

Year 2013










(En contre-plongée, la mer)

Following Eric Rohmer's statement "It is impossible to film the creative process", the filmmaker asks himself how to enter and film this space of doubt and discovery, and the result is a new filmic creation that shares the creative methods of the original piece. Low angle, the sea (En contre-plongée, la mer) is a "processual film", after the sculpture project of the same name by French artist Jeanne de Petriconi, inspired herself by the architectures of Madrid’s city center. The film traces the usually inaccesible creative process that leads to the creation of an artwork: from the intellectual and poetic substrate, to the challenges set out by contemporary art. The camera shares, rebuilds or completes the creative process phases, divided in five and themselves alternated with the "Five pieces for flute and percussion" by Canadian composer Samuel Andreyev. 


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Festival Arte Mare – Interview (français)

Interview on France 3 TV– Corse – Jeanne de Petriconi (français)

Interview on TV France 3 TV– Corse – Guillermo G. Peydró (français)