Jeanne de Petriconi

Architecture as a shell for sculpture.

Sculpture as an interrogation for the architecture.


How to film a sculpture, its relation to an architecture and to the spectators? The dynamic movement of the camera and the eye contrasts the mineral statism of the sculpture, while the sculpture keeps its tri-dimensionality against the two dimensions of cinema. How to capture the decisive instant in which it simultaneously causes and reflects, mirror-like? How to show the sculpture, linked to the architecture, yet different from it: distanced, in counterpoint, allowing cinema spectators to travel to the past of this form, before it even existed?


Shot at the temporary exhibition of the sculpture "Architectomie#1" by Jeanne de Petriconi at CentroCentro (Palacio de Cibeles), Madrid.

3rd October– 9th December 2014


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A film by Guillermo G. Peydró

Shot at Madrid

Year 2015